EDPL-Electrolytic Degreasing Pickling Line


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EDPL-Electrolytic Degreasing Pickling Line

Cold Rolling Plate(CR)08AI、SPHC、SPHD、SPHE
Product description

 Main Technical Data

Raw Material

Cold Rolling Plate(CR)08AI、SPHC、SPHD、SPHE

Substrate Spec.

Thickness: 0.20mm~1.2mm; Width: 600mm~1250mm

Line Speed

Max. 350m/min

electrolytic type

horizontal/ vertical type

electrolytic voltage

36V/42V/48V etc

electrolytic rectifier

DC5000A/DC6500A/DC8000A etc

strip surface before cleaning 

Residual iron: ≤ 150mg / m2 (single side); residual oil: ≤ 300mg / m2 (single side)

strip surface after cleaning

Residual iron: ≤ 5~8mg/m2 (single side); residual oil: ≤ 10~15mg / m2 (single side)

Line Features

It applies advance alkali liquid spraying + alkali liquid brushing + electrolytic cleaning, and uses three degrees of brushing & rinsing method to remove the residual alkali liquid to ensure the quality of finished strips.

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