Hot coil/ Cold coil Continuous Annealing and Pickling Line(HAPL/CAPL)


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Hot coil/ Cold coil Continuous Annealing and Pickling Line(HAPL/CAPL)

Modern broadband stainless steel production are annealed and pickled in the same unit of continuous operation, called continuous annealing pickling unit, can greatly increase production, reduce production costs, improve competitiveness, improve product quality, but also can reduce the impact of the production process for the environment.
Product description

Main Technical Data




Raw Material

HR stainless steel(200,300,400 series)

CR stainless steel(200,300,400 series)

Strip Width


Strip Thickness



Coil ID/OD

Ø 610mm/ Ø 800~2100mm

Coil Wt.


TV value



 Production Capacity

350,000 tons/year

150,000 tons/year

Control System

Applying DC bus rectifier unit power supply, AC drive system uses Siemens whole digital inverter system;

Running Manner

Continuous annealing and Pickling

Features of the unit

The modern wide strip production integrates annealing and pickling into one line for continuous operation, which is called continuous annealing and pickling line, which greatly increases production capacity, reduces the production costs, increase the competitiveness and improve product quality; meanwhile it could reduce the effect of production for the environment.

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