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The company is located in Yichang Yayuan Road, Yichang Hi-Tech Development Zone, covering an area of 102 acres, east of National Highway 318, adjacent to the Yichang Yangtze River Bridge, only 5 minutes from the airport by car, with direct bus service to the city. The registered capital is 13 million yuan. The company's main production equipment is metallurgical equipment and cable equipment, equipment sold throughout the country and exported to all over the world.

The company attaches great importance to scientific and technological innovation, since 2007, the company has independently developed 34 scientific and technological projects, and its products have obtained ISO2001:2008 international quality management system certification. In terms of innovation platform construction, the company has been successfully recognized as Yichang Engineering and Technology Research Center, Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center, National High-tech Enterprise, and in 2011 was recognized as a provincial innovation pilot enterprise.

The company is currently recruiting the following personnel.

Turner: 10 years old, male, 25-40 years old, intermediate or above skills, relevant work experience is preferred, piece rate salary, salary negotiable.

Boredom worker: 5 years old, male, 25-40 years old, intermediate skills or above, with relevant work experience is preferred, piece rate salary, treatment is negotiable.

Machining Center: 1, male, 25-40 years old, intermediate or above skills, can program, relevant work experience is preferred, piece rate salary, treatment is negotiable.

Software debugging engineer: 5 years old, 28-45 years old, electrical automation, bachelor degree or above, three years of related professional experience, familiar with Siemens 6SE70, 6RA70 driver products, Siemens PLCS7300 programming, Wincc and HMITP270 programming, can independently undertake design work, can travel time for a long time. Salary is negotiable.

Electrical installer: 5 years old, male, below 45 years old, secondary school or above, familiar with the site electrical installation of industrial equipment, electrical installation process, able to work outside for a long time, healthy, strong sense of responsibility, with a team spirit.

Maintenance electrician: male, 30-40 years old, maintenance of machine tools and equipment, can look at the map, have electrician's license, preferably live in the army, treatment negotiable.

Legal workers: 2 people, graduated from law school, have more than 2 years of experience in the company's accounts receivable collection. Those who have worked in a law firm are preferred. Salary is negotiable, plus allowances. Location: Qingpu, Shanghai.

English translator: 1 person, male or female, English major or English level 6 or above, translation experience, able to go abroad, salary is negotiable, plus allowances.

Company benefits: shuttle bus to and from work, free meals and free accommodation, and unified purchase of five social and commercial insurance for employees.

Candidates should bring their ID cards, academic certificates and professional qualification certificates to the Human Resources Department for interview.

Address: No. 200, Pingting Avenue, Yichang, China (Take No. 102 bus and get off at Yayuan intersection).

Contact: Human Resources 0717-651507513972025802

Contact person: Mr. Cui


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